5th International
Partners in Flight Conference and Conservation Workshop

Advancing Bird Conservation Across the Americas
August 25 – August 28, 2013
Snowbird, Utah
Field Trips - August 29, 2013
Full Day trips include a sack lunch, half day trips do not. Please bring your own water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing for the elevation and weather.
Full Day Trips
Deseret Ranch (12-14 hr round trip)
$95 / Departs 6:30 am

Sponsor: Bill Fenimore & the Wild Bird Center, Layton UT
Enjoy a birding adventure on Deseret Land & Livestock, the largest ranch in Utah. This working ranch encompasses over 250,000 acres of diverse habitats including sub-alpine meadow, mountain forest, sage steppe, wet meadow, wetland marsh, ponds, lakes and streams with a bird list of 260 species. Expect a day list of 100 species or more including: Ferruginous Hawk, Sandhill Crane, Sage Grouse, Sage Thrasher, Brewer’s and Sage Sparrows, Hammond’s, Gray, Dusky, Olive-sided and Cordilleran Flycatchers, American Dipper, Lazuli Bunting, Caspian Tern, and migrant warblers.
Bear River Bottoms & TNC Wetlands Preserve (10-12 hr round trip) - CANCELLED
Bear River MBR: "Behind-the-Gates" (10-12 hr round trip)
$80 / Departs 7:00 am

Sponsor: Nikki Wayment & Hawkwatch International, and Lee Shirley & US FWS
Bear River Refuge with its 78,000 acres of developed wetlands, is world famous as one of the premier birding marshes. Join us as we take you on a "behind-the-gates" trip through the nationally known Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. As we travel through this amazing birding paradise, our guides will explain how the refuge was rebuilt after the devastating flood of the 1980's and how precious water is managed for the benefit of the wildlife. About 50 species of birds are normally seen including: Black Terns, Franklin Gulls, Virginia Rails, Caspian Terns, several species of sparrows, etc. Bird lists will be provided.
ISSR and Gillmor Sanctuary (8-10 hr round trip) - CANCELLED
Antelope Island: Causeway & Garr Ranch (7-8 hr round trip)
$65 / Departs 7:30 am

Sponsor: Great Salt Lake Audubon
Join locals at one of our favorite birding spots: Antelope Island. Halfway down the east side, Fielding Garr Ranch is a popular migrant trap. Birds crossing the west desert fallout into the Ranch's grove of Cottonwood trees as the first green spot they see. The area offers several springs and trees with plenty of insects. Possible species: migrating warblers, vireos, flycatchers; also owls, falcons, hawks, woodpeckers, and Virginia Rail. Birding will begin along the Causeway and east side of the Island en route to the Ranch.
Provo River Restoration & Heber Fields (7-8 hr round trip) - CANCELLED
Half Day Trips
Hiking the Wasatch (4-5 hr round trip)
$25 / Departs 8:00 am

Sponsor: Russ Norvell & Utah Partners in Flight
Join birders and naturalists as we explore, by foot, the scenery you’ve been looking at all week! We’ll begin at a local trailhead and hike through alpine wildflowers and conifers looking for a few good high elevation birds such as Black Rosy Finch, American Pipit, Red Crossbills, woodpeckers, warblers, and other fun targets of opportunity.
Tracy Aviary (5-7 hr round trip) - CANCELLED
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